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i have different pets,cat,spiders,mouse,scorpions,i love my pets i tried to bay the best food and anything the may need,but most time from 80%the employees are in lalaland,each week i get crickets for the spider and if i get lucky a bay them,the problem is the hate helping people some look like the have not have a shower in a week,taking whit one of them she ask me why i bay a mouse i said the are cute,and she respond if you have a snake we will not sell to you and i ask why,she said the new manager don't allow that also selling rabbit,she do not have not right to do this any animal need food and not because you don't like them,she supposed to run a store,make good relation whit costumer,i believe they need staff the one who like to work an now about there pet they sell

Review about: Customer Service.

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